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The Tower Review

Sub-genre of tower builder already long enough. The sub-genre inspired by the old games such as Jenga or Uno Stacko, which in the game we had to get a log of the ‘tower’ and put it on again. The turn will continue to be repeated until the ‘tower’ is unstable and in the end, the player who dropped the tower is the loser.

The concept of the game The Tower or less like that. But the difference is that in this game is not to defeat the condition of the fall of the tower but of endless ‘quota’ block us. To know more, I will discuss a little about the mechanisms of gameplay of this game.


In essence, how to play this game is to add blocks one-by-one tower above us perfectly. The width of each block will equal the previous floor and when we put our block is not entirely in the same location as the previous floor, the overage that is on the block to be cut off and become a new floor which is narrower than the previous floor. Game ends when we can not put a block on the floor beforehand whether because it is too small, or because we are less precise timing.

The game at a glance seem easy, but the difficulty level gradually becomes more difficult and in the end it all depends on the dexterity of the player, consistency and a solid foundation. This game uses a system of endless gameplay that allows players to compete without limits, a feature I think is very useful to stimulate the competitive instinct of a person and make this game can be an ice-breaker in certain situations try mod apk on here.

So far the game The Tower I do not feel the need to do IAP (in-app purchase), but in the game there is a rate that is used to purchase a boost that can help you or to buy the kinds of another tower in order to keep everything feeling fresh and not boring.

In terms of audiovisual, I like the simple style that is used in this game, especially on the audio aspect. From the audio of this game, the sound effects are used every time we put a block perfectly then there will be the sound of the tone of joyful and when we’ve entered the ‘zone’ where we put the perfect blocks in a row then this game will seem at first glance like Rhythm games because in this game, timing is one important factor that we can make high towers. A mix of timing and the tone became one of the attractions of this game in my opinion.

Asphalt Overdrive Update

Overdrive Asphalt dashing diversion with components interminable keep running of Gameloft, as of late getting the most current upgrade. In this most recent redesign there are some new components and extra new autos in it. Not just is it in the most recent upgrade Overdrive Asphalt there is likewise another mode that is unforgettable to you not to play. On the off chance that we take a gander at past Asphalt arrangement, the arrangement that this one is to some degree special and altogether different, despite the fact that this diversion still has a component of dashing in it.


Be that as it may, the most highlighted in this arrangement are unending run and as far as possible. In reality, numerous are entirely disillusioned that the most recent arrangement of this diversion is not obviously, but rather relax gentlemen in light of the fact that Overdrive Asphalt is simply turn off and not an arrangement’s continuation Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Back again to overhaul, redesign Asphalt Overdrive this time, you will get 2 new autos that Renault Alpine and Lykan hypersport. In the event that seen from the zoom Renault Alpine is old fashioned auto however furnished with the turbo motor is no less quickly as the autos of today, and Lykan hypersport is a games auto with a cutting edge plan that is sure to have a rate over the normal as games autos all in all.

There is additionally a Joyride mode for you are getting exhausted with the modes accessible in the amusement Asphalt Overdrive. In this mode you will beyond what many would consider possible as you can with no time limit. What’s more, there is additionally another storyline that you can take an interest

Redesign of Asphalt Overdrive is as of now present, and on the off chance that you as of now have this amusement you can specifically overhaul it and in the event that you have not downloaded this one hustling diversion you can get with the expectation of complimentary at Playstore and Appstore.