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EA Criterion Revoke Rights to Develop Need for Speed

Annual Franchise was not confined to military FPS games shooter scattered in the gaming industry today. In another corner of the competition, there is Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft which continues to offer the concept of open-world charming. As for gamers who are fond of racing genre, EA comes with a series of flagship franchise – Need for Speed ​​every year. Had announced the appointment of Criterion Games as the sole developer of this franchise, EA seems to be changing his mind. But instead of growing through the success of previous NFS series, Criterion fate actually more unclear.


Goodbye Criterion as sole developer of Need for Speed, this seems to be the appropriate sentence to be pronounced today. As if to lick their own saliva, EA finally take extreme policies related to developers on this one. Attracting more than 60 people from their human resources and placing it in a new developer – Ghost Games UK is handling the Need for Speed: Rivals, Criterion is now only strengthened not more than 16 employees the remainder. Developer giant who is popular through Burnout name is now just a small team.
EA attract 60 employees from Criterion and positioned in Ghost Games UK as a developer NFS series. While the fate Criterion? Developer giant that was popular through the Burnout name leaving only 16 employees and turned into small teams. The team is no longer possible to handle the series of NFS or any racing game in the future and you can check madden mobile hack  and visit here .

With a significant decrease in the number of employees, Criterion would no longer have the capability to handle any NFS series. Not only that, they now also have not announced any official game project for the eagerly anticipated by the public. Will this be a strategy to end the big names EA Criterion? Whether this will be the end of a series of new Burnout? Please survive, Criterion, please ..