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Monster Hunter 4 Version Western Gliding 2015

Nothing is more annoying, than to see one of those games you most want it to be outside of outreach, not because of the expense, but the publisher’s decision to nullify the localization process that makes it inaccessible. Language barriers and this region which might hinder the majority of owners of Nintendo 3DS today to enjoy the charm of the famous action RPG game – Monster Hunter 4. Being one of the best-selling GTA 5¬† game in the Japanese market in 2013 ago, Monster Hunter 4 is to be excellent in itself. As for gamers outside of Japan region still expects the process of translation into English, waiting to taste this one game will still be very long and you can visit website.


It became a very rational decision for Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 release to other regions outside of Japan. With the popularity of which is not less great, plus a huge fan base, localization of Monster Hunter 4 course became the foundation for the benefit of extra effectively. If you are one of those gamers who were looking forward to Monster Hunter 4 Western version, you seem to be more patient to wait. Capcom finally confirmed presence of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for American and European markets. The bad news? This game will be present at the beginning of 2015 and you can download GTA 5 Online.
For gamers outside Japan region, Capcom finally confirmed the presence of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for American and European markets. Unfortunately, the game itself will be slid in early 2015.

However, Capcom promises a significantly improved quality compared to the previous series. So for those of you who are still waiting for attendance localization of Monster Hunter 4, your patience will be tested since you are reading this article. Happy waiting!

Kojima: MGS V – Phantom Pain Hundreds Fold Bigger!

Having had a mystery since it was first introduced to the public, Kojima finally confirming Ground zeroes and Phantom Pain as two different series. Although big name Metal Gear Solid V in front of each of these titles, the game will be released in different time windows. Kojima positioned as a series of zeroes Ground prologue and ready to be released in March 2014, while Phantom Pain is still a big question mark. Then what is the fundamental difference between the two in this series? Do Ground zeroes become an essential must-have game? Kojima latest answer posed a dilemma leaves and gta 5 online here.


In an official post on his personal Twitter account, Kojima explained the status Ground zeroes (GZ) as a prologue. GZ just going to be a game “introduction” to the new world offered Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V, while the MGS V Phantom Pain is real. World offered Phantom Pain will be hundreds of times larger than the GZ. Kojima also added that the GZ itself was relatively small and would be present without the features dynamic environments, although various missions offered will create a bit of the illusion.
Kojima even openly that Phantom Pain will be MGS V “real”, while Ground zeroes just an introductory course. The implication? GTA 5 will offer a very small map, even without the support of dynamic environmental features. Starting to sound like VR Missions in different formats?

For gamers who were looking forward to MGS V: GZ like us, what is disclosed by Kojima is of course a double-edged sword of its own. Stating that the Phantom Pain will be hundreds of times more massive also indicates that GTA 5 online hacks would be a game “small” concept is starting to feel like VR Mission to previous MGS series. Not surprisingly well if Konami offered at comparatively cheap price for a next-gen game though.

How about you? Are you interested to participate in this GZ? Or jump directly to Phantom Pain? Metal Gear Solid V: Ground zeroes itself will be released on March 18, 2014 for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Namco Bandai: No Tekken 7 For 2014

One of the best three-dimensional fighting game, Tekken indeed managed to occupy a special position in the hearts of gamers fighting genre lovers worldwide. The combination of story, character design attractive, and gameplay balanced commencing the main attraction. Namco Bandai itself is currently struggling to popularize increasingly Tekken Revolution – designed in the form of free to play and is distributed exclusively for Playstation 3. Successfully capture a fairly massive fan base and support new characters are constantly injected, many gamers are certainly curious The next Tekken series format. All this anticipation is also strengthened by the presence of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. But if you expect to find the name of “Tekken 7″ in the near future, prepared to be disappointed and get roblox free on here .


In an interview with Japanese gaming sites Р4Gamer, the director of the Tekken franchise itself РKatsuhiro Harada revealed that it is preparing two or three new games for 2014. But unfortunately, this will not be associated with the Tekken. This he affirmed in his official Twitter statement. New F2P games that he developed this is done together with the latest Tekken series. As for the announcement of the latest  Roblox series itself?

So for those of you who expect to find Tekken 7 next-gen version in the near future, be prepared to bite the fingers. So, what are two projects proposed by Harada game itself? Although he did not launch any detailed information, many are speculating one of which will be associated with the project in collaboration with Roblox – Street Fighter X Tekken is vanished. About time, Harada .. Let’s hope so!