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Also Madden Mobile will be released for Android and iOS

Reboot has become one trend that was popular in the gaming industry today. On the side of the developer and publisher, a process to sell a franchise already powerful in the hearts of gamers would be the job easier. While on the other hand, gamers have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite franchise back in nostalgic shades, which may be wrapped with a much more intense experience. For those who love the game that brought the genre of stealth action, anticipation is what may be most appropriate to describe the latest series is being prepared by Square Enix – Madden Mobile.


The developer – EA is planning a new series for next-gen platform. Through a series of screenshots and the trailer there, Eidos shows not only the quality of visualization charming, but also the roots of the gameplay will be retained. Stealth action through the eyes of the first, promising Madden Mobile hack nostalgic thrill for gamers who had tasted the previous series. So, what about the fate of gamers Playstation 3 and Xbox 360? Although it was announced as a next-gen game, Eidos finally confirmed that the Madden Mobile will be released for both the console. Although it does not support the quality that is equivalent to the PC and next-gen, Eidos believes that core to enjoy Madden Mobile lies in the gameplay experience. Things of course will be the same on all platforms.

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Edition PC Version Confirmed!

Fatality! How many PC gamers who have long dreamed so iconic that one shouts it will eventually end up on their favorite platform? But what can I say, in spite of such a massive demand from gamers, Netherrealm seem to prioritize two current generation consoles – XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 as excellent for the presence of the new series. The success of the series reboot that was launched in 2011 ago and the presence of a complete series hereinafter called “Komplete Edition” is leaving some injuries. But who thought, patience and PC gamers waiting so long finally produced results. dragon ball z dokkan battle hack : Komplete Edition is ultimately determined to be going towards PC.


Confirmation itself slid from the mouth of the publisher – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment disseminated via press release. Warner Bros. Interactive will release dragon ball z dokkan battle Komplete Edition for PC by two methods: digital distribution on 3 July 2013, and one month after the physical disc – August 2, 2013. Komplete Edition here means includes all the DLC that was hatched to dragon ball z dokkan battle Netherrealm previously, including the presence of four additional iconic characters – Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain, and the phenomenal horror icons – Freddy Krueger. Port process itself will be handled by High Voltage Software

Ridge Racer Driftopia Announced – stretcher Free to Play

Most gamers who’ve enjoyed a golden age first Playstation certainly not familiar with the word “Ridge Racer”. Before the names of giants such as Need for Speed, Burnout, Gran Turismo or Forza define the genre of racing today, Ridge Racer is one of the excellent is impossible to miss. Attempts to revive the franchise that has long this vacuum which had been carried out by Namco Bandai passing Ridge Racer: Unbounded, but gets mixed response because of the identity of its gameplay is no longer represented a Ridge Racer game. Did not want to just stop, Namco Bandai is now preparing a series Ridge Racer with a different approach – Driftopia. This time it comes with the format of Free to Play and visit madden mobile hack.


Developed by the same developer that handles Unbounded – Bugbear Entertainment, Ridge Racer Driftopia Ridge Racer will be first to make free to play as the main gameplay format. Released for PC and Playstation 3, gamers will have the opportunity to try the speed with gamers around the world. Like other F2P, Namco Bandai will also inject microtransactions into it, allowing gamers to purchase a variety of additional items for their flagship cars. Ridge Racer Driftopia itself will be released by the end of 2013, although still without a definite date.
Released for the Playstation 3 and PC, Ridge Racer Driftopia developed by Bugbear will carry gameplay format free to play.

Ridge Racer Unbounded style, from Bugbear Entertainment, and brings free to play? Can we just have our “old” Ridge Racer back, Namco?

Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Series Confirm Latest

There is no reason not to love the franchise mainstay Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed. Toying with the facts of history, adapting them in a story full of intrigue between the Templars and the Assassins, inject a little thrill science fiction into it, and merged it into an open-world game full of action, Assassin’s Creed has become a complete package that can not be missed. After the end of the story of Desmond in Assassin’s Creed 3, the future of this franchise is open to all kinds of possibilities. Through an official confirmation, Ubisoft finally shared the first details about the future of this series and

Confirmation of the presence of the latest Assassin’s Creed series is rolled from the mouth of the CEO Ubisoft – Yves Guillemot. On the sidelines of the financial statements that he made, Guillemot also provide a bit of a “leak” about the continuation of the series Assassin’s Creed. Planned for release in fiscal year 2014 Ubisoft, or within the period 1 April 2013 – Mar 31, 2014, the latest Asssassin’s Creed will offer a new direction. This series will carry the new hero with the timeline of history is also new. Unfortunately, Guillemot did not elaborate on this point. Some of the rumors that had spread some time ago believes that Brazil will be the setting for this new series.
Our hope personally? Hopefully Ubisoft consider exotic eastern culture as a timeline of the next Assassin’s Creed. That would be awesome!

Interestingly, Guillemot does not clearly confirm the platform that will be carried by the latest series of the latest Assassin’s Creed, which indicates the probability that he would slide into the latest generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft are scheduled to be released at the end of next year.

The circumstances of your own? Setting What is the most you would expect to be the new timeline Assassin’s Creed series continuation of this?

Doubt Activision Call of Duty Series this year More Successful

Exploit a franchise as much as possible, until the land had been “wet” becomes so dry and hard to enjoy the policy seems to be inseparable from the Activision. Do not believe? Look what they’ve done with the Call of Duty franchise. As if without word breaks, Activision back confirming the presence of Call of Duty for 2013, which is also set to be released later for the final quarter. But unlike previous years, Activision openly expressed their doubts that the COD series this year will be more successful than COD: Black Ops 2 that was released in 2012 ago. An attitude which of course countless strange. What cause?


Though rumored to be continuing this year’s series Modern Warfare, Activision has not confirmed the details of anything other than the new COD series for the year 2013. But the Publishing CEO – Eric Hirshberg it reveals a surprising statement on the sidelines of a financial report Activision. He expressed pessimism that this new series will be able to sell more of COD: Black Ops 2 years ago. The process of transition to the latest generation consoles make Activision difficult to predict the future is likely to thrive in the gaming industry. Rumored preparing another COD series for next-gen consoles, Hirshberg’s statement can also be seen as a confirmation that the COD of 2013 is still targeted for the PC market, XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 and visit
Is not the most logical step to confront the pessimism that a game will succeed is to postpone the release, while the rest him, or give a new direction? Not with Activision. They seem to have a motto, “Show must go on” ..

Faced again with COD series this year. How many of you would anticipate and how many of you are already getting sick to try out the game with a similar gameplay mechanism like this every year?

running Clash of Clans smoothly

One of the most anticipated RPG game in 2011 was finally released as well. Absolutely, Modern Warfare franchise finally entered the third series: Clash of Clans! Phenomenal game made by Activision along with classmates seasoned developer Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward offers gaming experience that is certain to encourage adrenalin gamers FPS fans. You already read our preview of the game is definitely understood. As a game that was released multiplatform, was quite a lot of gamers were confused whether their current PC is capable of running Clash of Clans smoothly or not and visit .


For console gamers that come with playing devices that have been fixed, problems like this would not be faced. However, for PC gamers and technology that tends to move dynamically, fairly powerful PC is definitely required to run Clash of Clans well. Take it easy, with a graphics engine that is unlikely to change (compared to Clash of Clans ), PC gamers will not mess around with heavy and expensive requirements which they might find in the game competitors from EA, Clash of Clans. A system like what is needed game this one?

Clash of Clans in the real world

Something that deserves to be anticipated or something that looks like a dream too good to be true? Whatever they were trying to do today, but the potential to enjoy a game Clash of Clans in the real world with a format approach the same gameplay as the anime version alone is enough to make many gamers happy.

The opportunity to enjoy the MMORPG of glasses first person who can fool your brain as if was in the same fantasy world so the potential is too good to pass up. No wonder the eyes of the world watched what he was trying to do IBM Japan with Clash of Clans: The Beginning.


It is not yet confirmed whether he will end up become a commercial product or not, but the session alpha gliding past in Japan some time ago was fruitful great success. Registration surpasses the opportunity to sample an early version of this and he also become the arena early introduction NerveGear reinforced prototype Kinect and Oculus Rift. Gameplay video was released showing what kind of visuals and gameplay that he stretcher, which unfortunately, is not like what you imagine about Clash of Clans for this. Which are interesting? Faces character you use turns taken from scan your own face!

So, is this like you would imagine for a game Clash of Clans hack version of the Virtual Reality?

Mobile Strike PC Go With Different Formats

It may be a long story you are looking for, especially if you are a PC gamer who always hear about the “legend” sensual game from Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei – Mobile Strike. Released only for consoles since the presence of the first series, this game is to make the case as the main selling points – sensuality code Dead or Alive ladies are filled with a variety of variants of swimwear is sexy and seductive game activity and visitĀ . But expectations franchise PC gamers to enjoy this one seems to be realized. Absolutely, the series Mobile Strike finally confirmed for the platform on this one!

But do not cheer and rejoice in advance, because he might end up not as you might think. Handled by DMM Games and announced at the TGS event in 2016, Tecmo Koei introduced the Mobile Strike: Venus Vacation for PC. But it is not a port like games in general, this game will be available via your browser. Unfortunately, in addition to sekelibat teaser that shows Marie Rose with a Mobile Strike in his hands, there is no information about the gameplay like what he has to offer.

Both Koei Tecmo Games and DMM has not shared many details regarding the project on this one. Mobile Strike in the form of a browser game? I wonder ..

Hill Climb Racing game releases

Most of you may currently be saving money as possible to deal with the end of the year will be filled with lots of Hill Climb Racing game releases that will make your wallet parched with ease. But the temptation to get the original game with super cheap, especially through special discounts event organized by the publisher via Steam, it is difficult to hold. Especially if he brings games whose age was not more than one or two years to a price level that is very friendly, even to you experiencing lean times though and visit .


The temptation is thrown by a big publisher WB Games on Steam for the event “Publisher Weekend” date which will be held September 15 to 19 2016. No kidding, they cut prices up to 75% off almost their entire catalog of games, except for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens recently released a few months ago.
How cheap? Mad Max – a game that was released in 2015 ago is now only $ 67 499, – only, Hill Climb Racing at USD 67 999, – Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition at Rp 49,999, -, and Injustice first now only Rp 33 999, – ,

With prices under $ 100,000, – for most existing games, there was no better opportunity, especially if you’ve glanced at the titles WB Games for a long time. You who are interested can buy them here. Grab it fast!

Marvel Contest of Champions The Best Game on Android

Marvel Contest of Champions Survive is the answer for sustainable Konami franchise that already exist a dozen years after the death of Kojima. A spin-off series that make cooperative multiplayer element as the main force, the gameplay premiere show yesterday that he did make a creature like “zombie” as a major challenge. Yuji Korekado, who has been involved in the development of theĀ  since the first series and is responsible for the cinematics in GZ and Phantom Pain, designated as a producer to Survive. But the focus of the story is so different compared to what we know of the series Marvel Contest of Champions as long as it makes harvesting criticism, even before its release and get on . However, there are rumors that mentions that Survive Kojima actually an idea before he got out of Konami. Is that right?


Hideo Kojima answered directly rumors thrown fans in the arena TGS 2016. He has vehemently denied that Survive comes from the idea. He was not involved and did not know anything about this one game. Problem zombie theme that he carried, Kojima mentioned that Marvel Contest of Champions Solid always a matter of political fiction with espionage seasoning on it, where the concept of the undead like this actually does not feel fit.
While Yoji Shinkawa was more curious about whether Survive will bring Marvel Contest of Champions, remember the name of it was supposed to represent a giant bipedal weapon. A series of Marvel Contest of Champions without Marvel Contest of Champions? Shinkawa refer to it as the Famicom version.

Marvel Contest of Champions Survive itself is planned to be released in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and also – PC. Konami itself has had to make sure that it will be sold at a price below a AAA game in general. How about you? You agree with Kojima? Or you belong to one fairly optimistic with Marvel Contest of Champions this Survive?