Namco Bandai: No Tekken 7 For 2014

One of the best three-dimensional fighting game, Tekken indeed managed to occupy a special position in the hearts of gamers fighting genre lovers worldwide. The combination of story, character design attractive, and gameplay balanced commencing the main attraction. Namco Bandai itself is currently struggling to popularize increasingly Tekken Revolution – designed in the form of free to play and is distributed exclusively for Playstation 3. Successfully capture a fairly massive fan base and support new characters are constantly injected, many gamers are certainly curious The next Tekken series format. All this anticipation is also strengthened by the presence of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. But if you expect to find the name of “Tekken 7″ in the near future, prepared to be disappointed and get roblox free on here .


In an interview with Japanese gaming sites – 4Gamer, the director of the Tekken franchise itself – Katsuhiro Harada revealed that it is preparing two or three new games for 2014. But unfortunately, this will not be associated with the Tekken. This he affirmed in his official Twitter statement. New F2P games that he developed this is done together with the latest Tekken series. As for the announcement of the latest  Roblox series itself?

So for those of you who expect to find Tekken 7 next-gen version in the near future, be prepared to bite the fingers. So, what are two projects proposed by Harada game itself? Although he did not launch any detailed information, many are speculating one of which will be associated with the project in collaboration with Roblox – Street Fighter X Tekken is vanished. About time, Harada .. Let’s hope so!

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