Don’t be afraid of the wooden windows!

Still throwing your head, how about maintaining wooden windows? If it's not too laborious…? Today, wooden windows on the surface are already treated with high-quality water-based paints that do not stick. After about 10 years, it is advisable to wipe the windows with a new layer of varnish. However, you do not need to sunbathe the top layer or scratch it, just lightly grinding it.
Wooden windows
You probably say that the maintenance of wooden windows is actually a disadvantage. But don't be fooled. Regular care for wooden windows is a much longer service life than that of plastic windows. They simply cannot be maintained and must be replaced after about thirty years.
Don't be afraid of the wooden windows! They're just great!
We will give you all the necessary information to your windows so that your wooden window can serve you as long as possible. You will get information about the specific wood, because each has a little different requirements for care, information about the type of paint used and also about the process of its maintenance.