Mácha Lake

Are you going on holiday in summer? But you don't know where yet? We have a great tip for you, head to the recreation centre, in the vicinity of which is the beautiful vast Mácha lake.
Stay in a real paradise in the middle of nature, where a stone's throw is also Mácha lake. In addition to a great accommodation, the chalet settlement offers a half-board option, thanks to a restaurant with dining room. Next, WiFi connection to the Internet, the possibility of using a volleyball pitch or table tennis or the use of a fireplace on the roast for example, sausages or other summer goodies. The accommodation capacity is 48 huts, which is 192 beds in quadruple cabins with a fridge.

Favorable price offer
Take advantage of our great offer of accommodation at very reasonable prices and order your cottage today. Mácha Lake is synonymous with a beautiful family vacation.